Meditation & Ayurveda

Pamper yourself with a herbal bath or relax in a herbal massage and detox

Ayurveda is a type of indigenous medicine that predates western medical practice. In Sri Lanka three types of indigenous medicine is practiced such as Siddha, Yunani and Ayurveda. These doctrines have traditionally passed through from generation to generation and were an art to be inherited... a powerful secret transpired from father to son. However, today Ayurveda is recognized as a medical science to be studied and not inherited therefore Sri Lanka is home to Ayurvedic Universities where a formal education in indigenous medicine is taught.

The word Ayur-Veda is a conjunction of the two words life (Ayur) and science (Veda). Ayurveda strives to understand the science of life wherein every life is considered as an individual constitution of various elements such as Wind, Phlegm and Bile. Therefore Ayurveda treatments are personalized and specific to each person as opposed to the Western medical practice where illnesses are identified and treated. An illness in ayurveda is considered to be an imbalance within one’s self and is treated by isolating the root cause of the imbalance. Ayurvedic treatment is focused on creating equilibrium in the three elements of wind, phlegm and bile which we are all made of.

Ayurveda is used not only to maintain balance in life but it is a form used to relax both body and mind. Therefore when in Sri Lanka pamper yourself with a herbal bath or relax in a herbal massage and detox.