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Close your eyes and paint your paradise… what would it look like? Can you imagine White sandy beaches with emerald water almost cheating your sight with a perfect mix of exquisite sapphire? Suddenly the landscape changes to jungle green and you are in the midst of the wild mesmerized by the sheer size of the elephant in front of you and how can you forget the moment when your eyes meet that of a leopard starring right at you with those cat’s eyes. Almost blinded by the stare you look away only to be transported to a place where pearly white water cascades from blue-green mountains andwhen atop of one of those mountains you have a bird’s eye view of the landscape below which is a labyrinth of green and earth. Come, feel paradise with us.

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From the world famous beaches, to the misty mountains; from arid lands to rain forests full of endemic wildlife; from luxurious hotels to simple eco homes, this tiny island has it all. Heaven on earth or paradise lost or any other name you choose to call it, its home to a people who will share a smile that you will never forget.

Join us to experience this magical paradise.

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